Do you know what is in your skincare?

Do you know what is in your skincare? - Kiwi Glow

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When we think about taking care of our bodies, we mostly think about what we put IN to our body and not so much about what we put ON to our body.

Our skin is our largest organ, we are a big sponge and most topicals go directly into the bloodstream.

The average person consumes 4 pounds of toxins through their pores every year. Most of these toxins come from personal care products such as lotions and sunscreens. The FDA is so busy with food and pharmaceuticals, skincare is mostly overlooked.

Chemicals that are banned in many other countries are still being used in the US today. A few of these are very toxic, they can disrupt our body’s endocrine system which can affect fertility, hormones and metabolism. This in turn can lead to a plethora of other negative health issues. As these toxins are synthetic, the body has trouble metabolizing them, they stay stuck within the cells and build up over time.

Most preservatives are synthetic and the majority of skincare has these in their ingredients.

Any product made with water or aloe vera, like a body lotion, must have some type of preservative in order to give it a shelf life of more than a month. That’s because products containing water will grow mold, yeast or bacteria over time.

So unfortunately, a preservative free body lotion/moisturizer is not a thing.

Fortunately, we have natural alternatives such as oils.

Kiwi glow is a line of organic truly natural tattoo & skincare made from sesame oil.

All our oils are organic and pharmaceutical grade. Not only is sesame an amazing hydrator, it is naturally antibacterial & anti inflammatory. It has its own self preservative called sésamol, no chemicals needed. Best of all, those toxins we were talking about earlier that get stuck in the cells… Sesame can neutralize these as it is a potent antioxidant that penetrates to the lower layers of the skin clearing toxins along the way. Kiwiglow has an abundance of natural vitamin E, B complex and vitamin A which help nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Yes, it’s anti-aging. We use absolutely no Synthetic ingredients in the creation of our products. Our moisturizers absorb immediately with no oily residue leaving your skin luminous, hydrated and smelling delicious. All our products are hand blended in small batches right here in the United States. It is the best Natural moisturizer on the market.

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Remember, what goes on your body goes in your body.